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Other Services

  • Consultancy
  • Social Media
  • Domain Set-up (for web clients)
  • Web Hosting (usually just for web development clients)
  • Photography for the web or print (by special arrangement). 
  • Powerpoint presentations and Training videos


Varios examples of graphic design are shown on our home page but here is a bit more information about some areas, not covered elsewhere on the website. 

Web Graphics

Graphics for the web can be anything from favicons (the little icons that, when present, appear beside the name of your site in the browser header and your favourites list - see samples below), to complex video effects.


Above are just a few favicons at actual size and below is a video of some web graphics we did for clients quite a while back.

The graphics on the video were done in Adobe Flash which is now outdated but similar effects can be achieved by more modern means.

Turn on your speakers to hear the soothing music that accompanies the video.

The video is in the latest html5 format, which is not yet supported by some browsers and a few others may be slow to load it.

Logos & Branding

We can design all your business materials, from a logo and business stationery, through to large scale banners, flags or graphics for a company vehicle. Printing can usually be arranged at highly competitive prices. 


Advertising is essential to any business or organisation, so if you require graphics for your website, for your social media or for print we are here to help.

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